Socio-Environmental Responsibility

MARGRAMAR shows the environmental commitment in all its activities, from the extraction of raw materials to their commercialization, by exporting them around the world.

More than a duty, for us, it is proud to contribute to the balance of the environment, by means of continuous reforestation of our mining activities in the quarries, accompanied by responsible technicians, in addition to complying with the deadlines of all environmental and mineral permits, which governs our functionality.

The company has a filter press which makes possible to reuse up to 90% of water used in the beneficiation process, in addition to taking and using 100% of rain water in its production.

All waste generated have correct destination, they are taken to industrial landfills, that keeps the company in legal status to the existing environmental agencies. MARGRAMAR works aiming its development in a sustainable way, empowering and instructing its employees to think and act in an environmentally sound manner.